Sydney Harbour at night – Timelapse

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(Read in 1950’s radio narrator voice….): “Has THIS ever happened to YOU?”

Client : “We need to establish Sydney in the first few shots of our TVC/Corporate/Demo/Hype video. A timelapse would be nice…”

You (Editor) : “OK… do you have a shot for me to put there?”

Client: “Um… can’t you just find something on the internet?”

You (Editor): “…well, yeah, but we won’t own it, so we might get in trouble. Or we could licence something… it’ll cost between $50 and $400”

Client: (Gives you the look that says ‘make it happen for free somehow’)

Well buddy, today that CAN happen!

When I’m out shooting B-roll (that’s what we videographers call the non-dialogue ‘pretty scene setting’ shots) I often squeeze out a few shots that I can use in my own private collection of go-to material for cases such as the above.

Let me share this one with you: The 1080P file can be downloaded from my Vimeo page, contact me on if you want access to my original ungraded 4K camera files.

Kearon’s Free stock footage – Sydney Harbour, Night from Kearon de Clouet – Director, DoP on Vimeo.

You may use this footage in any video production you wish. Ah, I can feel the good Karma already.

Now go and edit together something awesome!

Kearon de Clouet

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