Running and Gunning with the Sony PXW-FS7

Finally! I’m happy to report that I now have a camera that’ll shoot a 10-bit 4K image.. sure, my GH4 shoots 8bit 4K, but really, for top end work you need a top end file type with lots of gorgoeus colour data in it.

While the FS7 quite deservedly is being lauded as the ‘must get camera of 2015’, there are a few thing one can easily tweak on it to make it even better. A recent job for Sydney Trains had me needing to shoot on my Sony T2 Primes, with a slider, wireless monitor setup, sound etc etc (read as: lot’s of gear to lug around), on and off trains and trains stations all over sydney. Whilst we couldn’t control the locations, at least we could control performances via our three key actors (a nice change!).

This little video shows you how I’ve got my FS7 setup to be comfy and well balanced for this shoot. Hey, why not share the tecchy love while wating for breakfast?

Oh yes, that IS my Philip Bloom pocket dolly being slightly overloaded… But I do generally have a Manfrotto magic arm supporting each side. Strong, and small(ish).

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